Friday, December 05, 2014


I have accomplished a few things since my last post.

I successfully assembled my girlfriend's computer.

Here's the configuration:
Enermax Ostrog Giant case
ASUS P8P67 (Rev. 3.1) motherboard
Intel Core i5-2500
GSkill Ripjaws 2x4GB CL-9 dimm
Western Digital Blue 1TB Hard Drive
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 OC video card
Thermaltake Smart 650W PSU
2x Arctic Cooling 120mm PWM fans
2x Zalman Ultra-quiet Sharkfin Blade fans
Dell keyboard (from my long-deceased Dimension 2400)
Gigabyte mouse
Logitech 2.0 speakers
Acer 24" HD LED monitor

It's not a spectacular build, but it's perfect for what she needs, and better than any pre-built machine (at least, where I'm concerned it is).

After I finished that build my jealousy of the window in her PC compelled me to put a window in my case.

I achieved the cut-out with a jigsaw. I then lined the edge with rubber u-channel that I ordered from DazMode. And finally, I cut and applied (with 3M two-sided tape) a piece of clear acrylic.

It's aesthetically pleasing, but, as I suspected it would, the internal temperature has risen by 5C. So, that has led me to my next project: the installation of another fan. Usually, fan installation is no big deal, but my case has room for only four of them: one in the back, two on the roof, and one in the front. So, where am I going to put it?

Well, I'm going to put it here, in the flex-bay.

The flex-bay is usually reserved for 5.25" optical drives. As you can see, though, I already have one, and I rarely use it. So, I won't be adding one in the future. (And, who knows, I may even remove the one I have already, since drivers, utilities, and games are downloadable now.)  That leaves me with a good deal of unused space that is the perfect size for a 120mm fan. That's all well and good, you may say, but how is it going to fit and stay put in there?

That's a good question, and here is the answer:

a Caselabs flex-bay fan mount for a 120mm front fan. It occupies three bays; it's just perfect for me and my case. I ordered it from DazMode, and expect delivery by the middle of next week. Once it's in I'll post the results for all to see.

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