Sunday, April 13, 2014


I enjoy video games for many reasons. One is that they allow me to avoid the great, stinking, unthinking horde of humanity outside of my door.  "But what about multi-player?" you may ask. Well, I do not participate in multi-player gaming at all because it involves interaction --- however indirect it may be --- with people. People ruin everything; I want to enjoy my videogame time. So I keep my virtual worlds free of them.

Premier League Update

Well, it's looking like Liverpool will take the League title, and I'm happy about that because the Reds are a great side. Better them than City or Chelsea.

As for Arsenal, a disappointing, injury-riddled smear of a season could have one bright spot on it. The Gunners actually managed to make it to the FA Cup final --- although they had to rely on penalties to overcome Championship side Wigan Athletic to do it. If they can pull off a win against Hull City at Wembley Stadium on May 17th it will be a relief for a team that's had a frustrating season and that hasn't collected any silverware since 2005. BUT there is still much work to be done. Dropping important games to Liverpool, City, Chelsea, and Everton by upwards of 6 goals shows that Arsenal can't play against the big teams and can't win the crucial matches. An overhaul is needed --- and I think it should start with the manager.

Saturday, April 05, 2014


Wow, there is a dearth of new releases, and all I hear about is Titanfall. Titanfall this, titanfall that, titanfall titanfall titanfall.Yawn, yawn, double-yawn. Just another boring shooter dressed up in fancy digital pants ($60-digital pants! For an online-only game. Fat chance.)

Fortunately, I have many unplayed games clogging up my library to keep me interested, and Giant Bomb Quick looks to stem the tide of boredom. Sometimes, those guys have a sense of humour about games that I can get into. Check out the Quick Look for Goat Simulator to see what I mean.