Sunday, March 16, 2014

Premier League Update

Liverpool almost ruined my Sunday by defeating Man United 3-0 today. But, the Gunners quickly saved it by scoring a 1-0 win over Tottenham. I wish I could say I watched the matches, but I missed them because I had to work today. I did, however see a few matches yesterday (Saturday, March 15, 2014).

Man City rolled over Hull City with a fairly easy 2-0 win. Hull's lack of Premier League experience showed in it's missed opportunities, poor organisation, lack of focus and lack of intensity. Even after Vincent Kompany was red-carded --- no, no, not the gentlemanly Vincent Kompany --- Hull couldn't cobble together a goal or two. George Boyd certainly tried, and didn't quite endear himself to Joe Hart in doing so.

Poor Cardiff City lost a heartbreaker to Everton after another fantastic performance by keeper David Marshall. Seamus Coleman netted the winner for the Toffies in the 93rd minute. It was a hard loss for a team that sees itself still stuck in the relegation zone with 25 points, just three points behind 17th place Crystal Palace. And it might not get any better for the Bluebirds, as their next fixture has them at home against Liverpool. Cardiff is a quality side. It would be a shame to see them relegated.

And the Ides of March were not kind to Chelsea, as the league leader rolled into Villa Park like a conquering hero. It wasn't until the 81st minute, though, that Villa struck down the leader with a beautiful goal from Fabian Delph. At that time, Chelsea was already down to 10 men, after Willian was tossed for a 2nd bookable offense. It got worse for Chelsea when, in the 93rd minute, Ramires received a red card for an egregious open-cleat tackle on Villa's Karim Al Ahmadi. An incredulous Jose Mourinho left his technical area to harangue the official, and got tossed for his trouble. The match was pretty much over by then, but it still made for some brilliant drama.

So Chelsea lost, Liverpool won, Arsenal won, and Man City won. That leaves the top four looking like this:

Chelsea       66pts.
Liverpool     62pts.
Arsenal        62pts.
Man City     60pts.

Arsenal and Liverpool are tied on points, but the Reds have a better goal differential. So, that puts them in 2nd. Things will definitely change this weekend when the Gunners visit the Blues at Stamford Bridge. What a clash it will be.

Premier League Table

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