Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Post

Ahhh, Saturday, a time for the good things: a beautiful girl bearing coffee, hugs, and kisses; football (a.k.a, soccer, not that NFL shit); great music on the CD player; and catching up on video games.

I arose at 6 a.m. this morning to catch an early match featuring Chelsea and Tottenham. My beautiful and very cool girlfriend dropped by with coffee and watched a bit of it with me before she headed off to work --- how cool is that! The teams played to a draw. I would like to have seen Chelsea take all three points --- to push Spurs further below Arsenal --- but it was, as the English say, a cracking good game. It just means that the Gunners will have to put in a stronger effort against the Swans at 12:30 to stay atop the Premier League table.

While I wait for that match to start I am eating, cleaning, and listening to some great tunes.

"In Yer Face" from 808 State's fantastic 1991 disc ex:el

The Charlatans, "I Don't Want to See the Sights", from their much maligned sophomore release Between 10th and 11th. In my opinion, it's one of their best discs.

Canadian band Metric with "Combat Baby", from their second release Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? An excellent disc.

But games! What about games? Yes, I have several games on the go at the moment. I'm still playing through Sleeping Dogs, and enjoying it immensely. Wei Shen is a cool, but conflicted, protagonist, and I get a kick out of driving around the streets of Hong Kong. I've been doing more side missions than story missions just so I can get a handle on the hand-to-hand combat. (I need lots of practice on that before taking any serious main missions. Otherwise, I'll fail miserably.) I love the racing missions and the "drug bust" missions. In these ones I just eliminate the gang members by running them down with my vehicle. Good times.

I have also started GTA V (PS3). I'm not into it deeply enough to make a comment on the story, but I can say it looks great and plays much like GTA IV. The shooting is a little better, but not much, and the vehicles are still very loose and floaty. I have a hard time controlling them, but that makes for great fun.

The Last of Us is still on the go...

I've also gotten into Real Racing 3, Tetris, Bejewelled Blitz, and Temple Run, all on my Samsung Galaxy S III. I'll discuss more of that in a future post --- football is about to start. Go Gunners!

What have you been playing?

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