Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Borderlands 2

Well, Borderlands 2 is out, and I'm around 5 hours into it. It looks great (on the PC, at least) and it's a blast to play. There have been a few changes from the first game --- new playable characters, smoother character UI, new enemy AI-behaviour --- but overall, it's not much different. But, you know what? That suits me just fine, because it's a great game to get into, especially with friends in co-op.

I always buy my disc-based games here

(I apologise for the blurriness. I'm a terrible, shakey photographer, and I don't have the patience to do any editing.)
And this morning, at midnight, I went in to pick up my pre-ordered copy. When I arrived there were already 8 dudes there, all in their early 20s, all picking up their copies for the 360 --- the poor fools. Like them, though, I received a few gifts for pre-ordering. One was a download code for the Borderlands 2 Premier Club. The code got me nothing more than some shitty guns and a relic hunter's key that will grant me access to some special in-game loot. Apparently, the higher my level, the better the loot. So, I think I'll wait a while before collecting it. I also received a sweet Borderlands shirt. Check it out below.

That stylish, attractive neon-orange is bound to make the babes run to me. If it doesn't, then I'm sure the logos on the right arm will.

Of course, they'll all have to wait until I finish playing the game. At the rate I'm going, though, they'll probably be gone by the time I'm finished.

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