Friday, April 06, 2012

Friday Music

Some (all-Canadian) music for you while I finish off my next post. First, Rush with "Subdivisions". I love this song for its ominous feel, but also for its musicianship. Neil Peart, of course, schools us all with his complex, yet groovy, drumming; Geddy Lee's aggressive bass attack makes that Rickenbacker growl; and Alex Lifeson displays a perfect, subtle rhythm style until he blows it wide open with a killer solo. Check out the arcade game that appears at the end of the video --- it was one of my favourites.

Next, Hamilton, Ontario's The Arkells with "Oh, The Boss Is Coming". This is a great rock tune with a cool bassline and some fine guitar work.

Finally, Nova Scotia's Joel Plaskett Emergency with "Fashionable People".  This song has a very interesting arrangement that features elements of disco, pop, and rock. The refrain, "Fashionable, fashionable, fashionable. People", is quite catchy.

Enjoy, everyone, and Feliz Pascua/Happy Easter.

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